how wine sparks my creativity

Wine does not spark my creativity. It does make me happy, though. And relaxed. And content. And very, very sleepy which is why I do not indulge as much as I like. Add that I also love a strong lemon drop martini with no sugar rim and the opportunities to enjoy mass quantities of wine dwindle. Oh, and there are those important responsibilities of parenting, family obligations, work, household chores, evening sports activities, etc. So many obstacles. Sigh.

I will say this about wine: it motivates me. There is something about the warm, soothing, yumminess of an aromatic and crisp glass of white. It helps erase those pesky day-to-day duties, even if only for a moment. And in its place, my mind opens up, leaving me to believe I can do great things.

This was the precise effect of the glass I enjoyed Monday night. The occasion? A blessed weeknight with nowhere to go. Throw in a spring storm with heavy wind and blustery snowflakes, and I was ready. My overfilled glass sat on the table beside me while I read a book that has waited patiently for the past two months. Side note: reading also motivates me. A lot. Another thing that motivates me? My readers. More than a lot.

And so, there I was … the perfect trifecta: a recent conversation with a friend who just discovered my books and read four since October, someone else’s story and imagination lighting up my Kindle, and my favorite dry Riesling. The perfect prompts to get me thinking about my current book idea.

I have had the idea since late last year. Yet, as I have learned, I took my time with it. Much like a good wine, a story needs to age. After nine books, I know to let the characters come to me, allow the plot to simmer in the back recesses of my mind. I trust the process. If it is meant to be it will come together. My patience will create something greater than if I force it. I fiddled with an outline last week. I left the ingredients to settle into each other so the flavors could combine.

And after my Monday wine intervention, I think I have got something.

What is exciting about this book idea is that it is a little different from all I have written before. It is an experiment of sorts. A different format. A little edgier. More lighthearted and free. At least that is my intent. Once I get further into the draft, it could change. It always does. But the important takeaway is I now have a plan. Better yet, I had the characters talking in my sleepy head early this morning – my sign that more is likely to come!

That is all to share for now. I have a tentative title, main characters, location, plot, and the motivation to move forward. As always, I never know where it will lead or if it will fall apart altogether. But that is the joy and magic of being a writer. I never know what will happen. Until it does.


P.S. If you want to see my other writing project, hop on over to INSPIRED ME, JOYFUL BE!


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