back to everything

School will begin in our little corner of the world next week. It is always an exciting and extremely chaotic time. On the one hand, my family wants to prepare itself for all that goes with middle school and sports and fall work travel while on the other hand, we wish to linger in the laziness and unstructured freedom of these final, fleeting days.

I am still on summer hours but I am eager to return to writing. I feel the pull.

Drafting a new story has always been an amazing process. In many ways, the initial creation is one of my favorite things as an author. Meeting the characters, diving into the unknown, and taking chances. The anticipation of what might happen is much like unwrapping a gift – even I do not know how the story will unfold until it is written. I am my first reader.

I have an idea patiently waiting. The first chapters are written. I feel ready.

Yet unlike my recent novels, I will approach this story differently. I will go back to the very beginning – a time when writing a book was not such an arduous task to undertake.

I will not follow the plan or any strict schedule. I will not toil over detailed chapter outlines. I will not fret over daily word count. I will not worry about publishing or marketing or what comes after. I will simply follow the story. I will allow words to flow and characters to breathe. The process of creation will be made fun again.

Please stay tuned for updates, previews, and [hopefully] an actual book. All the ways to keep in touch can be found under CONTACT INFO.

Soon, I will be back to work, back to everything. But for now, I still have some summer to do.


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