7 Reasons To Love Writing

After neglecting life to finish my latest release, I now play an intense game of catch up.

January was dedicated to overdue tasks and appointments along with some glorious, much-needed relaxation. I actually read two books that were not mine and binged on a few favorite programs. I somehow became addicted to cooking shows I never knew existed and in a fit of foodie inspiration spent the bulk of one week restocking the pantry and freezer with plans to properly feed my family once again.

February’s focus: decluttering work files. As a minimalist, I admittedly have less stuff than some but whenever I write a book, I tend to ignore my own rules for organization. I enjoy sifting through old projects and updating documents if I have time. And an added bonus in this stroll down memory lane is it renews my affection for all things written.

I love the creation process and everything that comes after and that love extends to whatever motivates and inspires me. This month is all about love – my love for the people and things that keep me writing …

1) My husband and son anchor me to the real world when my mind reaches for the imaginary. Their never-ending patience and support shows my goals and dreams are important. Family tells me I am worth it.

2) As I sort through files, I see the scribbled, hand-edited notes of each draft from inception to completion. Every word throws me back to the joys of creation and moments of frustration. Ideas show I can persevere.

3) Much of my heart rests in every book. Although the characters and their worlds, actions, and challenges are fictional, we share a unique and personal connection. I breathed life into every part of them. Words allow me to have a voice.

4) I have my paperbacks neatly displayed on a shelf visible to me everyday. Nestled between a pair of favorite hand-painted bookends, they showcase an incredible accomplishment. Books give me immense pride.

5) On occasion, I reread reviews of my books online. Some are positive, some not so much. Yet each one is important to me, and I am grateful for the time, their honesty, the feedback. Reviews remind me to keep learning.

6) I admit I would write whether I had an audience or not. I love it that much, and it is part of who I am. However, knowing others might gain enjoyment or escape from what I share is amazing, and the appreciation for those who invite my stories into their free moments goes beyond anything else. Readers provide an incredible sense of purpose.

7) There are many reasons writers pursue this path. I consider writing to be a friend, a confidante, a constant companion that is there whenever I need it. It comforts, inspires, entertains, listens, teaches, and pushes me to be a better version of myself. Work brings me peace.

I do what I love and love what I do and the rest, well … the rest will hopefully fall into (an uncluttered) place.

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Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash


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