This Will Be The Year

Somewhere along the way the freedom and magic of creativity became lost within all the work.

It is not new to me. I have felt the creep of frustration grow as workloads increased and  family needs demanded an even greater portion of my time. If you would have told me it was easier to write full-time as a mother of a young child rather than a teenager, I would have said you were crazy. After all, how much attention does a soon-to-be-high-schooler need? Turns out, a lot.

My husband and son equal my world and like most people I am forever seeking that delicate balance between home and work. Success is measured in a variety of ways, and I have decided it is time to redefine how I do life.


  • I read without worry. I become caught in a mind trap – believing I should produce more content rather than enjoy the work of another. I will release the guilt and reclaim the joy of reading.
  • I write without fear. I have never been afraid to share my work yet writing from the heart like I do makes it easy to second guess. I will trust in my intention, my message, my ability, myself.
  • I create without boundaries. After ten years, I have earned a break from rigid schedules and unrealistic deadlines. I will abandon whatever rules get in my way or prevent authentic creation.
  • I connect without expectation. Every message, comment, and share is a warm smile from a dear friend but life has made it difficult to interact. I will focus on relationships rather than results.
  • I learn without hesitation. I love discovering new methods and expanding knowledge, but I have not made enough time for self-improvement. I will push through imaginary comfort zones and grow.

This will NOT be the year of chasing after the success of others or following along with what is trendy or popular. Instead, I will jump off  the suggested path and continue my own journey. I will let go of any have-to-dos and hold on to the want-to-dos.

My success will come from doing less while enjoying more. Embracing change and taking chances. And when a blank page is placed in front of me, I will not fear or force it. I will pause in those quiet moments and remember the best part of writing is the unplanned and unexpected.

This will be the year of unknowns. I am ready, 2019. Surprise me.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash


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