all I really want to do is write ~ 2/4/2010

Do you sing in the shower and think “I could be on American Idol”? But then you get out, dry off, and reality sets in: you stink. Well, as a writer, most of my days are like that.
I can be chatting with friends or walking through the grocery store and EUREKA! -an awesome line or character description pops into my overstuffed brain. I need to write NOW and build on the momentum. But of course, I can’t. I’m stuck in the current situation far away from my laptop. The best I can do is jot down my super amazing thoughts and hope the magic returns when I finally tap at the keyboard. Unfortunately, much like the Shower Idol, when I do get to it, my mojo is absent and what I wrote looks like something created by my 5 year old (don’t get me wrong – he’s brilliant).
With my million daily distractions, finding the right moment/words is difficult and rare. But in my world, there needs to be a bright side or learning experience, so here is the good part:
1) just working on something can trigger those elusive ideas. I often find poems and short stories help me get in a zone. Writing or editing puts me on track and if themes, descriptions, or plot lines come into my head, I can easily make notes on other files or dig into the project full-force.
2) sometimes not getting that “perfect” idea on paper leads to something even better. It may get lost somewhere in my brain along with the current grocery list, mental to dos, and useless trivia, but every once in awhile it comes back to me…in a far greater and unbelievable way.
So today, I will keep an open mind and heart to whatever ideas decide to appear. I went into this adventure with no expectations but a lot of determination. I don’t care about accolades, acceptance, or money. Instead, I prefer expanded personal horizons and shattered perceived limitations. I cannot fail if I’m not trying to succeed. All I really want to do is write…

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