books are like children ~ 3/22/2010

I’m still riding high from the public release of Still Life but marketing and moving it forward keep my feet firmly planted in reality. I’m learning as I go and finding the motivation to sell an “old” book while writing a “new” one is an unexpected challenge.

I view it as the transition from having one child to now having two. For while Still Life was the only child, it received my full attention during its conception and subsequent publishing. Now, the novella is in the toddler stage – it’s striving for independence but still needs my TLC to help it along. If I don’t market it, it won’t sell. If I don’t tell people about it, no one will even know I wrote a book. Add in the new, albeit unfinished, novel (i.e. the newborn) which also needs my constant attention and nurturing if I hope for it to blossom into something that can stand on its own.

As one cries for me to hold it, the other tugs at my pant-leg begging me to play a game. I’m now coming to terms that this will be the way things are for the long-term because a) I want Still Life to be appreciated by as many people as possible and b) I need to give the next work the same care and attention as its older sibling if I hope for it to be a quality product I can be equally, if not even more, proud of.

So, if you’ll excuse me…I have to go…my children are calling…:)


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