burn out and my new book

I skipped writing a post last week, but it was for a very good reason. Burn out. My previous five and a half weeks have been dedicated to drafting my latest book, and I am relieved to say it is done. Of course, by done I simply mean the bones of the story are in place. The foundation has been built, and now I must construct the rest of the house. It requires sturdy walls and a roof before it can be shared, which means months of editing and revision. *heavy sigh* Creating a new tale is fun, challenging, and a borderline obsession for me. Once the characters become alive, I cannot stop them from carrying on full conversations in my head, interrupting every thought, and begging me to map out their fate. This daily intrusion, though welcome and exciting, is precisely why I am burned out. I desired a break so I took it. Plus, I wanted to allow the work to simmer. Let the separate parts blend together and become whole. We need time apart, my book and I, because once I begin this next phase, I don’t look back nor will I stop. However, despite the work ahead, I remain optimistic. I like this book. A lot. Even more, I enjoyed drafting it. At times, it seemed as if the words simply fell onto the page. Now, I can only hope re-writing goes as smoothly. But if it doesn’t…I’m okay with that, too.

CURRENT PROJECT offers a peek into my latest work. Excerpt added soon!

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