Pinterest sneak peek into my current project

The seeds of my book ideas scatter from a wide range of sources. Some of them are known, many are not. In truth, where inspiration sprouts doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it continues to appear, put down roots, and gradually blossom into an actual story. For me, the joy is in the creation, the building of parts-plot, scene, characters, theme-which branch out, come together, branch out, and come together one final time as I type the words The End. And in those moments, I realize the beautiful, infinite scope of the human imagination. I confess I am not overly creative in other areas of my life. I don’t sew, craft, or come up with interesting recipes. I’m too practical, I guess. But writing…that is where my thoughts flow freely. I can make up stuff. Anything. Even better, I can blend fiction with fact and make the impossible possible. That is precisely why I incorporate Pinterest boards for my books. I’ve done this with each of my published titles and recently created one for my Current Project. It’s not set in stone-none of them are-but it offers a way to visibly show what I’m thinking when I write. Make the Imagined appear Real. Of course, my latest book is still in the rough draft phase which means the images I’ve pinned are simply a peek into the story, an idea board of sorts. I won’t go into greater detail until I’ve revised and edited it to (almost) perfection. But still, I encourage you to get an idea of what lies ahead at…

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