5 scary good books

No tricks this year, simply treats. I’ve made a (short) list of some great reads to get you in the spirit of today. Even better, they each carry a movie counterpart so you can read, watch, or do both and compare! Have a wonderfully spooky day…

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR: The first true horror novel I remember reading and one where the movie freaked me out even more than the book.

THE SHINING: Great book and totally creepy movie. Trivia tidbit: King hated the original film and had it re-made in 2003. IMO the 1980 Jack Nicholson version rocks.

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: I liked this book but the movie version is absolutely incredible. Well-cast, well-acted, and packed with suspense. 
INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: Rice’s vampires were around way before Twilight. Love this book. The movie? Not so much.
AMERICAN PSYCHO: This book is gory and not my type, and the movie is even more deranged. But still, I think everyone deserves a good scare on Halloween.
Do you have a favorite horror book or movie? If so, please share! 

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