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As an independent author, I value any support from a reader, regardless of where it originates. This graphic provides a wonderful breakdown of how you, the reader, can help me or any author reach more people. Not a fan of doing it via Amazon? No problem. There are lots of ways to show your appreciation. Every author uses different methods to promote and share their work. Here are some of mine:
AMAZON (see above) Also, on the right column there are handy links to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Super easy, and it only takes one click to spread the word!
SMASHWORDS offers the opportunity to review or share via the same social media outlets. And another cool thing…you can “gift” an ebook. What a cool idea for the holidays!
GOODREADS is the ultimate site for reviews and a great place to interact with readers like yourself. You can also share or like via social media and show friends what you’ve read!
LaPalm Books BLOG Each page on this website offers links to share. And of course, every post is an opportunity for you to comment with your thoughts!
PINTEREST View the Places & Spaces boards of each of my books and like them to share with others. Also, all of the above sites offer a link to Pin my books and other information!
TWITTER Connect with a tweet or re-tweet one of mine. Also, all of the above sites offer a link to share with your followers!  
EMAIL Go old school and drop me a note. I personally respond to all legitimate inquiries!
A Click, Like, or Share may seem like such a small thing. But to an author, it is priceless. Visit one page or visit them all. And when you do, think about how your feedback can help. I would love to hear from you!

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