the thanks i give


Confession: I am overwhelmed by the pressure. The pace of celebration moves too fast. With every passing year, the holidays are pushed upon me before I am ready for them.

I am a traditionalist. A single-tasker. I possess the ability to acknowledge and deal with one holiday at a time. Not only that, I am stubborn. I do not want to eat peppermint candy canes or watch beloved holiday classics in October when I crave pumpkin-shaped chocolate and gory horror movies. I refuse to listen to songs about jingling bells or chestnuts roasting in November when there should be turkeys gobbling and ginormous balloons parading. How can I dream of a white christmas when there is still the sunburned beauty of leaves falling around me?

I do not begrudge those who enjoy a merging calendar. Everyone should do whatever it takes to be happy, whenever possible. But for me, it does not work. The holiday season is chaotic enough (in the best kind of ways), and I am committed to getting the most out of each and every one. For the next few weeks, I will remain hyper-focused on the bountiful blessings of Thanksgiving. And after, I will savor the magical joys of Christmas. Once that is done, I will raise a toast and ring in the promise of a new year.

This is the time. The time when life speeds up and moments slow down. Schedules become full but so do our hearts. A steaming cup of coffee shared with a friend tastes better. A homemade slice of pie enjoyed with family seems sweeter. Cuddling by the fire with someone you adore is cozier. The random act of a stranger feels kinder. There is more to the every day. More smiles. More laughter. More hugs. More giving. More gratitude. More appreciation. More pause. More love.

Yes, a festive season is upon us, but I pledge to let go of the crazy and embrace what matters…

  • An amazing husband and son … my entire world.
  • A glorious family … reminding me how to love and encouraging me to dream.
  • Incredible friends … bringing sunshine on even the darkest of days.
  • Sentimental traditions … pulling me back to childhood and a much simpler time.

Amid the frenzy of the upcoming weeks there will be meals to plan, lists to complete, errands to run, households to manage, guests to entertain, and so much more. Woven within the mad dash for control and perfection there will be surprises and imperfection. These are the moments that might become memories. I hope to be there. I want to be there. I will be there, giving my sincere thanks.


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