twelve days to christmas


This morning I woke up, brewed a pot of coffee, kissed my husband and son and sent them off to work and school, and then rested for a few short minutes in the shadowy dawn of our sitting room. I do this as I wait for my son’s bus to come and go. Once it leaves, I begin my work day.

Today was different, however. I did not leave the comfort of my spot. Instead, I stayed hidden among the dark morning and enjoyed the festive lights blanketing the house across the street. Sometimes my neighbors have their Christmas decorations lit in the early hours and today was one of those days. Lucky for me because I was ready. Ready to pay attention. Ready to appreciate. Ready to dwell in the simplicity of now. Ready to feel alive in a moment.

This has been another miraculous year for my little family. My husband continues to enjoy a challenging career. And although it takes him away from us far more than we would like, he finds some way to embrace the travel and the journey. My son. My son. His simple existence amazes me. He has thrived in academics and sports, fostered friendships I hope will stay with him, and become a thoughtful and incredibly witty young man. And as for me, my year is miraculous just in the fact that I am here, blessed with another chance to celebrate the holidays cancer-free.

Life is beyond good. It is beautiful and chaotic and breathtaking and unpredictable. Perhaps most of all, it is magical. Much like watching shimmery lights welcome a rising sun…or truly living in a moment…or the child-like wonder of Christmas.

There is much to enjoy about the holidays. And so much more to love. Even more than the songs, treats, decorations, or gifts, it is the love that matters. Whether it be the giving spirit of the season, the gathering of family, or the simple joy in watching snow fall, this time is undeniably special. I hope you discover the magic in the everyday. I promise it is there.


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