trust the magic of beginnings


A new year encourages us to look forward. There are hopes of starting over, plans to change habits, and lists of resolutions. We intend to do more, become better somehow. I am definitely one of those people who gets excited about what may be. I do not make resolutions, however. Instead, I simply take a new year for what it is: an offering to reset.

For me, resetting means looking back rather than ahead. I believe it is in the past that I make my future. And when I glanced behind as 2016 came to a close, something caught my eye and held it.

I have been blessed to be in remission for over four years, yet my battle with cancer has touched every aspect of my life. My body. My mind. My spirit. My family. My decisions. My priorities. My worldview. Some changes were immediate while others took a little longer to sink into consciousness. Perhaps the most gradual yet farthest reaching example is in the way I approach the process of living. We all look at life differently and my view is by no means superior to anyone else. I have always wanted to be purposeful and productive, appreciated and loved, and of course, happy. None of that has changed.

But now more than ever, I want my everyday moments to be inspired. I want to be a better person in this world and part of a better world.

And so it came that when I looked back, I saw myself: wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, cancer survivor, author, and lover of martinis. But I also noticed something else — Dreamer. I have always been a dreamer of things and perhaps that is how I became a writer. I love to imagine What If and transform it into Why Not. There is no greater joy for me than planting a creative seed and watching it grow from nothing into something of purpose.

One thing that is important for a dreamer is to give the vision life, make it be, turn a wish into reality. A dream does no good if it remains a dream.

And so, I am mixing things up for the coming year. I am still writing. I am still planning to publish another novel. But more importantly, I am still dreaming. The focus will be on what inspires and fosters joy. I choose to be hopeful rather than discouraged. My eyes will see the beauty instead of the ugliness. My actions will work to block any darkness and bring out the light.

I want a lighter heart.

As such, I have launched Inspired ME, Joyful BE as a side project. The premise is simple: spread a positive message. If you seek more laughter, peace, connection, love, belonging, and all that is good in this world, I invite you to join my sometimes sarcastic but always hopeful path to contentment!

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A new year awaits, offering the opportunity to smile and love each day. Together, we can create a new year of change, one moment at a time.




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